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Tuesday 20th of February 2018
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Today: Feb 21, 2018

Support Group

KDS Melati A – A weekly support group for female sex workers (former or current) who are HIV positive. In Bali, female sex workers (FSW) are often from elsewhere, far from their original support network, and are often victims of trafficking by deception. A FSW who is HIV+ has few avenues for support. A peer support group provides an empowering space with which to communicate and learn. A forum for reciprocal communication and information dissemination. The Kerti Praja Foundation supports around 400 HIV+ FSW. This number is growing at an exponential rate.

support groupOur support group is a space for sharing and information dissemination concerning living with HIV&AIDS and therapy. Additionally, we carry out life skills activities to improve the quality of life  eg. yoga, reproductive/sexual health aerobic exercises, film discussions, and others. We have published a collection of testimonies/short stories written by the FSWs as an income generating activity. We have also established an edutainment theatre group with Melati members.

It is easier to encourage HIV+  FSW attend meetings through conducting activities, thereby greatly facilitating case tracking. Through experience sharing new members to the group learn from others. Through this we have also been able to see an increase in ARV adherence. We offer no financial compensation for attending meetings which has encouraged a sense of empowerment/self responsibility.

Peer experience sharing in an informal empowered space is far more effective than individual case tracking alone. Group members display a greater sense of personal responsibility for their own well-being, and indicate an increased degree of self-confidence overall.

KDS Melati B and C – a monthly support group run by the buddies program for members of the general public who are HIV positive and for their families. These groups are support through funding from the Mercury Phoenix Trust.


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